About Us

We’re a tad different from run-of-the-mill businesses for several cogent reasons.

Our aim is to provide our customers with attractive, distinguished items they cannot purchase elsewhere. The belts we deliver were conceived by us and are made to our unique specifications by an artisanal, horse-country belt maker whose output is simply superior. The leather is the best English harness leather available, and the closures (a sailboat’s main halyard shackle and a mountain climbing carabiner) are inimitable. There are no other belts like these, anywhere.

Though they are not shown here at this time, we’ve been making glasses from wine bottles for 50 years. The skill set is something we acquired in Aspen a long time back, when daily lift tickets were $10 and the locals thought that was an outrageously high price to pay. The glasses are definitely non-standard, but we have been using them for decades and can tell you that drinking fine spirits from what most people consider to be refuse helps save our planet a little bit, one bottle at a time. Each one is hand cut, hand sanded and hand polished. Our methods are proprietary, but they work beautifully. Colors available are cobalt blue, forest green, antique green and clear. We have both bottle casts–Bordeaux and Burgundy. The glasses themselves come in three sizes. Roughly, they are tall (iced tea/iced coffee); medium (highball glass) and small (old fashioned).

Coming soon because it is in development, a chandelier made from wine bottles. Cutom made to your exact specifications as to bottle color, bottle style and the number of bottles used.

It’s different. And so are we. If you have an interest in unique glass, call. We’ll give you all the consideration you want, all the time you need