Eagles Picture

One in a while a photographer gets lucky. It’s not often, though. Most good photographs come from a thorough knowledge of optics, a good photographers “eye” for what works and what doesn’t, and control of the surroundings.

In the case of America’s national bird, the bald eagle, pictured here, it was a case of owning a Cannon camera and having a 300mm lens close by. The photographer had shot movies, pictures of lovely women, family pictures that made parents weep with gratitude and other pictures that appealed to him at the time. He has pictures of Mercedes 300SL Gull Wing Coupes parked on the street, shots of a Typo 61 (Birdcage) Maserati racing in Connecticut, photos of the great and near great from his days in Aspen, when he was young and danced the night away.

The photos of the eagle came together because the eagle was beautifully cooperative and the photographer took some chances. What he got was, as they say, “good stuff.” The best of the photos are pictured here. They demonstrate what an eagle in flight looks like. The straight flight photo comes in a 12×18” format (only). The two others—“wings up” and “wings down”—come in an 8×10 format (only).

One could combine all three, with the larger shot centered, in a frame and the two others flanking it, one on either side. If the photos are yours, how you frame them, if you frame them, is your business alone.

These photographs of America’s iconic national bird are available on the Mainsheet Partners website alone. And we’re rather proud of that. You know, purveyors of the unique and all that it means. Come join us.



  1. The whole megillah, including shipping in a bulletproof package, straight to your door, is $75.
  2. The partial megillah, just the 12×18” photo of the eagle in flight, is $60, including shipping.
  3. The tiny megillah, “wings up” and “wings down,” is $35, including shipping.